Louth Spiritual Community Centre

A Place To Meditate, Relax And Explore Your Spiritual Self

Good afternoon, Welcome to Louth Spiritual Community Centre

Welcome to Louth Spiritual Community Centre.  Although our Centre may be small, we have a big heart and offer a warm welcome to all members and visitors alike.  Our beliefs are based on the Seven Principles and we are here to provide evidence of survival and teachings/philosophy from the Spirit World, and to provide a sanctuary for all those in need of truth, healing, understanding and knowledge.

If you want to know who the Speaker is for the evening, please view our Speakers page.

Our Community Centre holds a Divine Service every Sunday at 6.30pm.  There is no charge to attend the Divine Services, but there is a raffle and free will offering if you would like to contribute.  At all other times ie Workshops, Special Demonstrations, Psychic Suppers there is an entrance fee which will be advertised and shown on the Diary entry for that date.

All services where Mediumship is demonstrated is done on a scientific experimental basis, and no guarantee or claim is made or given.

Our Diary Events are regularly up-dated to keep you informed of what is happening at the Centre.

We do have an extensive Library and books can be borrowed for 50p per month.

You can also join our Facebook Group.